The Volleyball Player: Miroslav Kolev

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Three steps back, focus on the ball, breathe in, breathe out…

Two steps forward, ball is in the air, palm open, feet off the ground…


He’s got his mind on the game, and the game is the only thing on his mind at that exact moment. Nothing outside of the court perimeter matters, once he steps in.

Miroslav Kolev, former member of the Bulgarian national volleyball team and current AUBG undergraduate, might have given up on his professional career, but he would never turn his back on his lifelong passion — volleyball.

“I first started playing volleyball when I was in fourth grade, so it’s been around 11 years already, six and a half of which professionally,” he shares.

Miroslav says his father has had a major influence on his decision to pursue the sport. “My father used to be a volleyball player during the 80's and 90's and when I was little, he introduced me to the sport and showed me the ropes, so, naturally, I got very passionate about it.”

“I’ve been both national champion and vice champion while playing for the Bulgarian national team, which I consider to be my greatest success so far,” the player admits.

Due to some health issues, Miroslav decided it’s best to step down from the professional ladder. However, he is far from giving up, as he is currently playing in the the non-professional league in Plovdiv.

He says his favorite part about volleyball is that it is a team sport, where everything depends on the collective effort and determination of the players.

When he’s in the game, one can’t help but see the sparks coming from his eyes. It is an incredible sight, witnessing someone engulfed in their true vocation.

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