After 3 months in a Cybersecurity Accelerator

An extraordinary adventure in the US

What I learnt

Launching a startup is something very difficult, even more in Cybersecurity.

I discovered, that is a real science. It needs extraordinary people and also an extraordinary ecosystem, the one we got in Virginia. As a startup, we must focus on the problem and find a solution that fix it. In Cybersecurity, defining a problem in human terms is hard, and that can be understood in few seconds, a torture for the engineer I am. I also learnt to use emotions in my pitch, a hard work on me !

“Téodor, relax and smile”

The market, I heard these 2 words around 1,200 times in these 3 months. I learnt to know more about my market, and most import how to get much more information on it. In Cybersecurity, there is a God for that, Gartner, and guess what, you can call it ! I remember that evening I downloaded the 43 pages Gartner report on my market. I literally cried in front of my computer. After these 3 months, 32 calls with mentors and Gartner, 22 reports read and 28 meetings with partners and competitors, I can say I know a lot on my market.

“I don’t believe you, convince me”

This was another kind of torture. After getting all the information, having a strategy for your go to market, you have to explain it. You could be the best Cybersecurity expert in the world with the best solution for a huge problem, if you can’t explain it to investors, customers and partners, it will stay a dream. In the US, the third more populated country in the world, there is a lot of competition. You just got few minutes to convince. Now, I feel confident in that.

What I have

I am really proud to say that, I now know how to launch a Cybersecurity startup. This skill is something fantastic in a world full of cyber threats, really rare in the World.

U.S. Air Force photo

A team, the most precious thing. We work hard together, we live big frustration and great happiness every day. As CEO, I learnt why my team is the best one to provide our solution. As we are all humble, it was really hard to say and believe we are THE best team. It was a long process to understand and to prove it. Done !

Network, a key to success. MACH37 provides us a crazy network. With hundreds of mentors with very high position in cybersecurity in all USA dedicated to help us. Thanks to that we found our first US customer, our first channel, in just few weeks and soon our first investor !

The Future

I don’t know what the future is made of as so many good things happen every day to us, giving huge and crazy opportunities .

But, I know one thing, our team can now create a better and safer world

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