Tooth sensitivity to hot and cold

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People enjoy hot beverages like tea and coffee but has it ever occurred to you that while taking tea your teeth started hurting? Or do your teeth hurt when you eat an ice-cream? If so, this means you have sensitive teeth.

Teeth sensitivity is a commonly occurring phenomenon which is not only annoying but sometimes gets really frustrating. Enjoying food is not a luxury but in fact a necessity. Where is fun in life if you can’t even enjoy something as simple as a cup of tea? Teeth sensitivity not only hurts you physically but also has an impact on the quality of your life. Teeth sensitivity can be caused due to several reasons therefore it is very important to identify the cause and dental condition which is causing the sensitivity. The level of pain can also vary depending on the condition of your teeth, it might be mild / hardly noticeable or it might be severe. Having sensitive teeth s not something you should take therefore it is recommended get your teeth checked by a Dentist Chandler AZ as soon as possible specially if the teeth start to hurt a lot.

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Minor defects or scratches in enamel (outer lining of tooth) causes mild sensitivity. This might be due to recession of gums which in turn lead to the exposure of tooth root or from loose dental fillings. Underneath the enamel is a layer called dentin that contains tiny tubes that lead directly into pulp therefore it is not necessary to have a broken tooth or cavity which causes direct exposure to dental pulp to cause pain. In other words if your enamel is having scratches or minor defects the hot / cold food will directly reach the nerves leading to pain.

It is pertinent to note that if a defect / condition that is causing sensitivity is caught at an earlier stage like when you feel mild sensitivity then it might be cured easily. In other words while ignoring mild sensitivity might seem easier, it in fact will lead to something which might take a lot of time and money to cure at a later stage of sensitivity. Professional opinion of a dentist should be sought as soon as you feel something out of the ordinary. The symptoms can be alleviated by treating dental caries/cavities and damaged/broken teeth.

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There are simple ways of avoiding teeth sensitivity and other similar dental problems. Following some simple rules can help you avoid a lot of suffering. You can even make a check list to healthy teeth:

· Make sure you brush and floss your teeth regularly and twice a day every day

· Visit a dentist at least every six months (it is better to identify problems at initial stage so that they can be dealt with easily)

· Use a soft-bristled tooth brush

· Be gentle while brushing your teeth and try to brush along the gum line

· Use a tooth paste that has fluoride in it, your Dentist Chandler AZ can recommend if you should require a higher concentration of fluoride (As per a recent study, even children younger than 2 year old can use fluoride tooth paste, but it’s better to consult with a dentist before using it) .

Everyone loves a smiling face, smile is one of the most important feature of individual’s personality. Maintaining a good dental hygiene improves your personality as the condition of your teeth can show a great deal of how disciplined you are in life. Having clean flawless teeth enhances your personality creating a sense of attractiveness and fascination. let’s be honest everyone enjoys to be loved.

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