Amount and Type of Tip You Can Give To Your Movers

So, you have decided to move. You have hired a moving company, packed everything related to you and your family in the cardboard boxes and have let your movers do the job. Now, the tough part of the process after you have paid service fee is to tip your movers.

Although there is no hard-and-fast rule for tipping your movers and it’s not something obligatory you need to do, tipping the movers is the way to appreciate their efforts because they have managed the heavy load you were unable to deal with. And it is up to you to feel the necessity of tipping your movers if they would lift the heavy loads in the most careful manner. In this scenario, you may think about the amount of tip you can give to your movers.

When to tip

All moving companies are not equal. If your moving company has not done something which can be regarded as exceptional, you are not bound by any kind of obligation to pay your movers any kind of extra cash. However, if they have been up to the mark and have been trying to facilitate you as much as they can, you can tip them as a mean to appreciate their good efforts. A few things which can help you decide about tipping them are as under.

· They were on time

· They finished the move within the timeline

· There were extra stairs they had to climb in order to move your luggage

· They helped you in packing

· They ensured protection of your items

· Their professionalism and customer support was up to the mark

Now, you shouldn’t spend an extra buck if they arrived late, were careless, and/or damaged your items.

The amount of tip

There is no rule about how much you pay your movers as a tip. However, you have to make sure that every person in the crew working on moving your items gets paid equally. Generally, you can decide about giving 5–10 % extra cash as tip. You can pay a lump sum amount or you can distribute by yourself.

Tipping movers in other ways

One thing worth mentioning here is that it’s not absolutely essential to tip your movers with the cash. There are other ways too. You can offer your movers coffee and bananas to gain some energy before the move. Or you can offer them a dinner after they would complete the move. They are surely going to appreciate this gesture.