Perks of being a freelancer

When I was 7, I wanted to be a photographer, I have never imagined my workplace being surrounded by 4 white walls and lost of busy and important people. Rather I always wanted to learn something, that would make me be as free, as needed and as helpful as possible.

My first ever job I got like this: I was scrolling facebook, and found out that one organization was planning to organize event in my town, what I did? Iw rote an e-mail to total stranger that I was there ready to help having some free time besides my university classes. I got answer very soon and I started coordinating international project on local level. I think this was the day, when my vision of work was designed back in unconscious part of my brain. That summer I spent sitting in cafes, drinking coffee and cola and managing project.

Since then, I never worked for one organization or company, but rather always tried to create alternative, why?

because I like diversity. as much as state should diversify it’s resource income, person shall not depend on one income source. Therefore, even if you are office based worker, you can still be a freelancer, this is the main rule that one should keep in mind.
Freelancing means, you are a good time manager, and you can actually multi task and use different skills you have. but before that, you need to identify: what skills you have? what do you use now? what are still unused? do you have time to use them?
  • Freelancing also means, you are actually well positioning your skills: you have something, others don’t, you communicate with people a lot, you let them know how great you are, people remember you and they want to continue working with you. You, as a personal brand might become so amazing, that organizations might hire you, because you bring them income, and if you go, this income will be gone with you. sometimes, projects are given to organizations because of such people, and when person moves to other place, projects goes with the person.
  • Freelancing means, your each and every minute costs something, it’s your product, and yes, people pay you for not sitting in the office 9/6 but for being productive and doing good job.
  • Yes you can work in your pajamas, and yes you can schedule your work to your productivity clock, though you still need to dress up and meet people, show up on important meetings and keep the network.
Biggest challenge I face, is to explain people, that I am not jobless. in some communities, only office work, that is fixed and set is taken as a proper job, though what people don’t know is that you actually have no fixed timing, which means you work any time and every time, you do not have weekends or day offs, there are no official holidays for you, as well as you might not plan your vacation properly. you don’t get annual 24 days a year, and actually, you work more and you produce more than any office worker. Good thing here is — you are flexible. You can drink coffee with friends whenever you feel like, and nobody will judge you for being late during lunch break, though you will still have to work a lot when you are back to your favorite work place.
  • Being freelancer is expensive — at least it always was for me. I need creative workplace, and this brings me to different nice cafes, making me drink different types of coffee and spending lots of time. you also always need to meet people somewhere, and this somewhere is usually another cafe, as you are bored sitting in one, so you change place and order another Latte or Americano, and in the end you are so excited from coffee you need to go somewhere, to calm down and have a red wine in the evening.
  • Being freelancer is not for everyone! if you can not self manage your tasks, deadlines, times and communication, if even thinking about all this brings you stress, don’t do it! Being freelancer might sound fancy, though it’s tough. if you can not risk having no stable salary at the end of the month, if you can not promise yourself that you can create value worth of paying more for your productivity, don’t leave your job.

Cause, in the end whatever you do, no matter where and how, is beautiful, just be best at what you are doing!

Originally published at on April 10, 2016.