Three little dots.
Noah Reich

Well, I've lived in a violent region in an underdeveloped country (Brazil) for most of my life, so you can trust me I completely understand your feelings. Even though it has been some years since the last time I was in a dangerous situation (being assaulted at home), my sleep is still very light to this day because of the constant fear of what might come next. And your feeling of not wanting to believe that the world is going Trump/ISIS couldn't resonate more with me. I grew up in the hopes of travelling the world, because in my imagination it couldn't be worse than where I live/used to live. But now I feel like we're losing it. No more human connection with a stranger watching the same TV show as you because it might be too dangerous. No more walking around the city just to get some fresh air, because it might be too dangerous. Also, no more walking around with headphones on — loving music might get you into some serious trouble. And I could go on all night :( I'm sincerely happy that your family is safe. Let's all hope and act for best times to come.

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