Choose an interesting and relevant topic with these tips taken from journalists

I had the privilege of learning from a journalist of Reuters who later became a senior correspondent of a leading newspaper. During a key segment of the course, she shared an important piece of advice about choosing a newsworthy article which I found relevant to writing in general.

Here is…

Just like lawyers, it is important to persuade your readers by anticipating and addressing counter-arguments.

Having the privilege of working with (and against) many of the best legal minds, it became apparent to me that in mounting any convincing argument, anticipating and addressing counter-arguments are crucial when trying to convince the opponent.

Whether it is convincing a judge of a story, or negotiating with a…

While driverless technology gets increasingly sophisticated with driverless taxis possibly plying the road soon, I suggest that there is still a role for taxi drivers in society.

Companies have been rushing to test driverless technology on public roads. Nutonomy was the first company in the world to test autonomous vehicles on public roads in Singapore earlier in 2018 while a full pilot testing was initially slated in early 2020. …

Follow these steps to find different angles of a single spark to create multiple diverse topics to write about.

1. Start with any source of inspiration. This can be any thought, a topic, an opinion.

In this case, a possible inspiration could be looking at the disruption Uber had on the taxi market. Your initial thought may come in the form of something like this:


In 2018, my brother and I finally made a video, uploaded it on Kickstarter as a Quickstarter and achieved a small goal that we were embarrassed to have- make a single “sale” of a physical product that we created. Almost 2 years later, a backer still reached out for more.

My brother and I wanted to sell a simple leather cardholder.


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