Journey in Conscious Evolution (Episode 1)

Since at a young age, I had always questioned about the meaning of human existence. To feed my earnest inquiry, I browsed into philosophy (e.g utilitarian, existential, religious, spiritual) and psychology to elucidate human purpose. However, this esoteric inquiry stopped due to economic necessity to pursue some pragmatic career in engineering. After many years of pragmatic job , it dawned upon me that human purpose and meaning is of paramount importance to live a truly fulfilling and abundant life.

I began my journey by first drafting my personal manifesto which included my personal transformation towards a meaningful and fulfilling life. Subsequently, I learnt about positive psychology which include human flourishing and character strengths (my top 5 signature strengths are connectedness, input, learner, maximizer and intelluction). I started also to learn new knowledge in MOOC platform(e.g Edx, Coursera, Novo-Ed) about human-centered design or HCD in 2014 (jointly by +Acumen and; transforming organisation,society and self in 2015 (by MIT U.Lab and Presencing institute). I apply my HCD and positive psychology knowledge by participating in OpenIDEO open innovation platform, empathy circle, +Acumen Corps, learning circle for practitioner, meetup, etc. I have also attended some social impact events at Impact Hub and Lien Centre for Social Innovation to expand my awareness about social challenges. I participated in social entrepreneurship workshop in 2016 by raiSE (, joined +Acumen changemaking community in 2016 and leaped into a global challenge on education in 2017 at MITSolve platform ( I have also participated a Global Form on Education and Skills ( in Dubai during March 2017 which is experiential learning about social and economic challenges of many countries (African, UAE, Europe, UK,etc).

It dawn upon me that having a conscious way of being is important to know your highest purpose. This realization lead me to explore consciousness based practices inspired by Clare Grave, Bucky Fuller, David Bohm, Otto Scharmer/Peter Senge, Richard Barrett, Joanna Macy, Elisabet Sahtouris and many more. This next tier exploration led me to realizing My Self and My Work.

To continue in Episode 2…