Amidst skepticism, I got the vaccine

I first thought of Tuskegee. I also thought about all the lies that the current president has been telling. I also thought about films like “wag the dog” that talk about how we fabricate war and how we fabricate so much, so it has…

Black and Brown dead bodies are just so profitable.

Coroners officers,
news reporters,
forensic scientists,
emergency room employees,
bails bondsmen,
trauma therapists,
have jobs and benefits,
off Black and Brown bodies.

funeral homes,
flower shops,
all profit off the dead.

Let’s book the next one.

Dead bodies
become hashtags
and social media views.


A Letter from Our Ancestors for These Times

My children, it all makes sense.

In some ways we can’t imagine what you’re going through, in others, we may have been there, before.

Covid 19 is new.

Viruses are not.

Plagues have shown up, and have appeared,

to devastate a people.

Dear Volunteer-Please Leave Your Charity At Home

To Our Amazing Volunteers-

It means the world to us that you are joining us to serve our community!

At Homies Empowerment, we humbly feel that it is an honor to stand with our community.

We don’t believe in charity, we believe in…

This letter is a collection of thoughts, quotes and reflections that I am asking myself to read and re-read when I think I am stuck, afraid, anxious or not sure what to do.

Sometimes I’m afraid of the thoughts that lurk in the dark, but this prayer, this letter, and…

I Hardly Paint My Nails as a Father

Thinking about the papas that left,

wondering why,

Thanking the papas that stay(ed).

Wondering why many papas

were raised,

to show no emotion.

Told to “man up,”

but often times that was

coded language for,

hide your tears,

repress your feelings,


Raw reflections from the 2nd Presidential Debate- It was indeed an honor to get invited as a Mexican national living in the United States, to come and bear witness for the 40 million plus Mexicans, Mexican-Americans and Chicanos (Xicanx) living in the US. …

Being an educator who is now trying to unpack my savior complex issues, has become my life’s calling, but it wasn’t always like that. Along the journey, I think I may have done more harm as an “educator” than good. I would never really want to admit that though. I…

Oakland, CA. April 18,2018 –Homies Empowerment is proud to announce its selection as a member of the 2018 Invent cohort at NewSchools Venture Fund. Homies Empowerment is receiving funds to support their efforts in designing and launching the Homies Empowerment Community High School in East Oakland, CA.

Homies Empowerment envisions…

I claim sexism is a “blind spot” and other patriarchal absurdities

I benefit in all kinds of ways from patriarchy and machismo. I benefit from what I am paid to how I am listened to. When I have cried or carried my children in public, I somehow get celebrated. For…

Dr. Cesar A. Cruz

Educator. Activist. Author. Co-Founder Homies Empowerment

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