Tina, I agree with your article but I object on the conclusion. The way we presentation a UI is important in order to make the client "feel it", especially when we need to show cross-device appications.

In my opinion best practice to present UIs on the actual devices, if possible with basic navigation, not in a mockup.

Most prototype tools offer this possibility today.

The visual identity of a company is not an issue of democracy or taste at all. As mentioned in the article it's an important and expensive decision and it can affect the sales or growth. I laugh when I hear people complaning about logos, making petitions or sharp posts in SM. Their opinion has zero value, it doesn't affect the companies, otherwise they would go back to their old logos.

The "over-simplicity" is not a trend in logo design, actually to follow trends when creating a logo is considering a huge mistake since logos should be made to last for…

How I met Margrethe Vestager in the Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon.

Margrethe Vestager with my business partner, Rabih Turk, founder of TrustPrize

In October 2018, my startup business partners and I packed our bags and boarded a plane to Lisbon to reveal our creation, TrustPrize, for the first time to the thousands of the curious visitors of Web Summit, the biggest tech event in the world.

As first-­timers at the event, we were naturally a little anxious, but our excitement went far beyond that.

On the big day, investors, marketers, journalists, influencers, and all kinds of IT experts and representatives from giants like Google, AT&T, and the Olympic Channel were…

A regular day for Mr. G. Iveaway, digital marketing executive at WebSite Co:

Illustration by Kleanthis Simirdanis

“Good morning, sir. Today we can offer you an iPhone 11 Pro for free if you would only give us your email address.”

“Ehmm… No.”

“Why not, sir?”

“Because I don’t want to be spammed from 100 companies.”

“No, sir. Don’t worry at all.” He gets a tiny book out of his pocket and puts on his big, thick glasses. “It’s stated here in the Holy Book of Terms and Conditions, paaaaage…1037, that we share your data only with 47 other companies and-­-”

“Look, man, I don’t have time for this…” the user interrupts before trying to walk away.


Apple and Google can prevent unnecessary deaths, and even save taxpayers millions of dollars, with a simple OS update.

Last July, I was enjoying my summer holidays in Halkidiki, Greece, with my wife and kids and another family — very good friends of ours. We rented a minivan and spent 10 days touring around the beautiful beaches of Sithonia peninsula, one beach per day.

One evening, while taking a walk along the busy streets of Nikiti, where our hotel was based, we overheard two servers anxiously discussing a freak storm coming that night. …

At the end of this past August, Team USA and Australia were engaged in a series of friendly basketball matches in Marvel Stadium, Melbourne, to prepare themselves for the World Cup 2019 in China. I was scrolling on Instagram, and by the first glance of the first match’s highlights, it was like I was hit by lightning.

I have seen numerous basketball games in my life, but never have I seen such a beautiful, live broadcasting production.

I am a visual designer working with the UX on digital media, so after my initial shock subsided, I immediately had to dismantle…

Téo Pavlidis

Brand & Creative director at TrustPrize

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