An open letter from technology sector leaders on Donald Trump’s candidacy for President
Katie Jacobs Stanton

Looking from outside, I cannot understand this “anti-Trump” thing.

I think these leaders should check first, who exactly are/will be people in places of power if/when Trump/Clinton gets Big Seat, let’s say, Trump wins election, most likely he will put, probably, his daughter Ivanka, as advisor at least, on advisory board of some form…. If U can call Ivanka / Chelsea non-tech-savy person…. Well continue, this fear-mongering….

Go talk to someone, let’s say, Ivanka / Eric / Donald Jr. , ask their opinions on future Tech-innovations and such, before starting whole Bull-s***-factioning for who is the best for tech industry….

I think this whole stuff of fear mongering on television, can be considered as complete bull***t and just talking-heads-show nonsense… *IMHO*

BTW, looking the list down, I see no gaming-industry execs on report…. maybe they have checked information better on, what will be happening…


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