When I met Lord Hanuman
Shri Hanuman Das

When I was 17 I found a box of Divine books . One of the books was a Sacred Scripture from a Shivagana temple in the Kush mountains .I decided to sell them at the time because money was scarce . That chilly April evening on the lower eastside of new york city, a hindu man dressed in a parka and wearing a blue work jumper asked me How did you get that book! He then touched me between my eyes and when I opened them all around him was an effulgence of gold above the skies were pink. He was furry and wore golden armor I looked at his face or tried to and he resembled Hanuman. When he removed his finger from my 3rd eye he was back to a humble working class man. I never felt so warm and safe!He asked me so how much for this book? With tears and awe I begged him to please take all of them , He laughed so hard then handed me five dollars. I still ask why should a speck of mortal dust deserve this Darshan? I only share this story with my husband now you. Wasting my breath to a karmi would be pointless .

Thank you for your beautiful experience withHanuman. It’s making me weep with tears of joy

theresa Sai

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