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Level up at Momoland tomorrow

Torch is interested in not just the practical uses of technology but technology’s role in play and, conversely, play’s role in developing technology. As we’ve found ourselves at Torch, unstructured goofing around is just as valid as highly detailed user interviews and exhaustive testing when it comes to uncovering new uses and spurring ideas for new features.

Art often sits between the practical and the playful — full of intention but also not burdened by any inherent need to “pay for itself” or find a mass market. …

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Photo by Tony Webster on Unsplash

Product Designers Need 3D Tools That Work With Existing 2D Workflows

Why aren’t there more UX prototyping tools for me to choose from?

— No one, never.

A recurring theme among mobile product designers that I have talked to as Design Director at Torch, where we are building a spatial prototyping app, is that the last thing anyone needs is yet another tool to learn.

Designers are not frustrated with the tools they use frequently — quite the opposite. …

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Introductions: Lygia Clark’s immersive Dialogue goggles (above) debuted in 1968, that same year Ivan Sutherland created the very first Head Mounted Display, The Sword of Damocles (Source)

Hi gang. My name is Tera Hatfield. I’m a native of the Pacific Northwest and the new Design Director of Torch 3D. It’s a pleasure to be here! Rest assured that nowhere in this quick introduction will I refer to myself in the third person. I’m classy like that. I have a background in communication design and public architecture. My curiosity and creative superpowers lie at the intersection of human-centered digital and physical design. I don’t believe in silos and I’ve actively avoided them my entire academic and professional career. …

Tera Hatfield

Head of product design @dasbrigade. Classy sneaker wearer. Architecture expat. Previously and W+K Lodge. Say hello, I fight for good.

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