From Scrappy to Shark Tank to Sustained Growth: An interview with badass fempreneur Sara Moylan

We talked with badass fempreneur Sara Moylan about starting and growing SheFit. Sara is a scrappy fempreneur who has mostly self-funded her company, while getting press and growth potential support from Shark Tank. She shares her wild journey inventing the ultimate sports bra for women, self-funding her company and the challenges she faced along the way.

Scrappy to Shark Tank to Sustained Growth Episode Highlights

  • Get scrappy! Keep focused and believe in your passion
  • Self-funding through all possible options was what kept Shefit going
  • All her sales at the beginning happened through Facebook Ads and sheer hustling
  • “We’ve never had a pile of cash. Startups fail that aren’t scrappy.”
  • “It’s not what you are selling, but the why. The why keeps you going.”
  • “I don’t want work/life balance. The work is my life, my passion.

Sara Moylan

As a health and fitness advocate for as long as she can remember, founder and CEO, Sara Marie, lives the life of a quintessential powerhouse — with accomplishments ranging from Miss Michigan Teen USA and Mrs. Michigan America to a 3rd place world PRO finish at the WBBF and a current IFBB Bikini Pro. Sara has made being successful an art. She’s been featured in many fitness, pageant, and business magazines, such as Oxygen, Success, and Pageantry. And has appeared as a model and a contributor in many additional publications.

On top of her high-profile victories and being the founder and CEO of Shefit Inc., Sara is also a full-time wife and mother to a beautiful family. Pursuing life with passion and tenacity, her success in business, beauty, and health is meant to serve a much larger purpose — and that’s to be a solid example to her four daughters. In everything she does, she hopes to set the standard of what it means to be a strong, beautiful trailblazer for her girls. With her dedication to making women feel empowered and inspired, Sara has no plans to slow down. Our Ultimate Sports Bra is only the beginning of what you’ll see and experience here at Shefit. We can’t wait to support you along your active journey!

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