Launching a Women’s Health Tech Startup — Julia Rose, founder of VaGenie talks pelvic floor health

We talked with Julia Rose, founder of VaGenie, her women’s health tech startup. After the birth of her first child in France, Julia realized the importance of good vagina and pelvic floor health and how it affects our lives. After moving back to the United States and having her second child, she realized that women in the U.S. are exposed much less to the idea of needing to keep their pelvic floor’s healthy and all the areas of their lives it could affect.

This realization led Julia to start developing the VaGenie, a tool women can use to exercise their pelvic floor and build up their strength. Today, Julia is working on the manufacturing of the product, building the software, which is a video game type tool to go with the physical product, and developing a community that supports positive discussions of vaginal health and support for all women. Julia shares her process for how she has developed and funded the VaGenie and what she has in store for her business moving forward.

Women’s Health Tech Startup Episode Highlights

  • Women in the United States are talking much less than others around the world about vagina and pelvic floor health.
  • Surprisingly, men have been more open to funding the VaGenie, solely based on the numbers and possibilities for the product.
  • The VaGenie is really three businesses: the hardware, software, and community.
  • “Get as organized as you can from day one.”
  • “Do things your way, there’s really no better way.”
  • After starting her own business, Julia realized for the first time what she is really capable of doing.

Julia Rose

With a strong international perspective and passion for women’s health issues, Julia Rose is using modern technology to solve an age-old problem experienced by mothers all over the world. She is creating the VaGenie, a smart biofeedback Kegel trainer on a mission to break taboos around a vital health and fitness need.

Julia’s inspiration for creating the VaGenie comes from her personal experiences with vastly different postpartum care in France versus the US. Prior to becoming a mother and founding her current company, Kalikha, Julia was a marketing consultant and the co-founder of a high end events company in Los Angeles. She also cannot seem to get away from her passion for acting, still appearing in TV and film when the opportunities arise. Julia earned her BA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Follow Julia online at:

 Twitter: @myvagenie
 Instagram: @myvagenie