Raising conscious white boys.

If you haven’t read any of my writing in the past, you don’t know how honest I can be. You don’t know that I don’t hold back. You don’t know how bold I can be. I want to start and hold conversations that help us all grow.

Now that I’m writing again for Medium, I want to introduce you to my boldness and some of the topics I am looking forward to writing in the future. One such topic that has been on my mind for awhile, is consciously raising my two white boys.

We are not wealthy; we don’t send them to an over-privileged school district; and by luck of being born to me they are getting a diverse set of experiences outside of their own family unit. Even with all of this they are still privileged, just by being born white, with a penis, and presenting as male.

We all share the same safety concerns around things like guns, bullying, and sexual abuse, but because my kids are white, male, and as far as I know not gay (that could change, they’re young), I do not have the extra burden of keeping them safe like parents with girls, LGBTQ+ kids, and black and brown children.

However, I know full well that the work of equity is not only for the parents whose kids may be experiencing bias on a daily basis for the color of their skin or because they were born female presenting or because their gender identity doesn’t match the one put on their birth certificate.

I understand that much of what I can do for society is raise my white boys to understand their privilege, learn how to share their birth given power, are emotionally intelligent, and fully understand consent.

If you know our family, you know I am extremely serious about this. And I want to explore it more. I want to have conversations about raising our white boys so that they know how to take accountability for their actions and create a society that is diverse and equitable, because it is going to be better for them too.

We all need well raised boys that grow into conscious, inclusive men.