What fempire do you want to build?

As a fempreneur it is natural for you to dream about your future and all the potential businesses or projects you can create. It can also be easy to follow all the new shiny objects that come your way. Shit, you’re an entrepreneur, you love building and creating new things. However, jumping from place to place without an ultimate goal in mind can be detrimental to your future fempire.

Keeping your future in mind, whether it’s a specific life you want to live or an amount of money you want to make or maybe a change you want to make in the world, will guide the decisions you make today and what specific businesses you will be build or partnerships in which you want to participate.

How in the hell do you pick a goal or focus?

For some of you this might already be clear. Maybe you want to build a real estate empire or you are most interested in your fine art or maybe you want to build a business that supports a specific population.

For others it may not be as clear. Either way, taking a look at your future self and working backwards to build your fempire is a sure way of building the life that YOU want.

Take a minute to reflect on the questions below to get a good idea of the future you really want. The future built for YOU by YOU.

If a guided meditation exercise is more your style, start with the one here. Find a nice comfy spot, dim the lights, push play, and close your eyes. (I would like to give a special thank you to Russo Gouws, who taught me this exercise and helped me shift my intention to the right goals for my life.)

Guided meditation exercise: http://traffic.libsyn.com/leanthefuckout/10_Year_Visualization_-_10_31_17_6.59_AM.m4a

Reflection Questions

  1. What means most to you in your life? What is your why for wanting to lean out? (family security, retirement, not working for the proverbial man, spirituality, owning your own home, travel, etc.)
  2. How would leaning out make your life better? What things about your current career would you not miss?
  3. What do you like most about your work style and work habits?
  4. What are your personal values?
  5. What are you going to need to affirm along the way, especially when “I can’t do this.” pops into your head?
  6. How can I ensure I’m embracing all challenges with a fempreneur attitude? What do I need to keep me accountable and on the right track? This is the time to think about the people you surround yourself with. Do those around you hold your same values? Do those around you support you building a business and personal growth?
  7. If I get hit with a setback, how will I process it? Have a plan for when times might get tough.
  8. How will I ensure I’m working daily towards my goal? How do I track progress?
  9. How will I learn new things along the way? What do I need to learn?
  10. Think about the times when you will get criticized for your new life. How will you handle the criticism? How will you learn from it?
  11. How can I learn from the successes and inspiration of others?