I must be doing something right

“A collection of thoughts”

The fact that I haven’t done much yet, that I haven’t even scratched the surface excites me. The fact that people feel both strongly and threatened by someone like me pleases me. You ask why? Well because I’m literally doing nothing but being myself. I guess anyone that follows through and has enough drive and ambition must feel this way. It’s now [11:35pm] date: 12.14.16 and as I’m sit here listening to one of my favorite filmmakers Christopher Nolan, all I can think about is achieving my goals/success. Up until this point I feel like I’ve grasped a little bit of it.

It all started back in 2012, well earlier than that but that’s when things started to get real. The world was supposed to end and I was kind of pissed because I still hadn’t accomplished everything I needed to accomplish and contribute to the world. So I started working as such I think I shot about 140 music videos the summer before I left for college. Of course it’s quality over quality but it’s also passion and experience that always wins and I gained a lot of that through working with so many different people before I peaked in the city for a short time.

I’ve a wrote somewhat of an auto biography so I’m not going to get too deep into anything but people know a little bit about me just because of the way I’ve documented things. What they don’t know is that I came from roaches and constant moving much like many others, I started out in IPS schooling until moving to Lawrence Township. So no everything hasn’t always been sweet and it’s still not. However I just choose not to focus on it too much. That being said I’ve always known I wasn’t meant to be normal, I wasn’t meant to be a nobody, I always knew I was gonna be him [the guy] at a young age. I’ve always wanted more out of life.

Moving along, they always questioned why I work in a restaurant and it’s not really something I can pinpoint. Working in a restaurant just makes sense to me. I love food and I’m poor as hell so why not work around something you’re half way interested in and make money doing it. I honestly think it’s genius to work in food places if you can’t do what you love full time yet, there’s a whole method to the madness. A huge plus is that you learn a lot about all different types of people that way.

That being said, people are always trying to get me to have kids and I always say to them that I don’t want kids until I’ve accomplished everything in life that I want to accomplish. Simply because I want to be able to give my child that love and attention they need.

In the beginning restaurant jobs were used as practice for me, they help/helped gain certain skills I could use later on down the line. I figured if I could learn to be some kind of professional in places like these where people are super frustrated, angry and usually short tempered, not excusing myself, then I could use lessons for my dream and it’s worked.

-Terell Wheeler

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