Design is served for better and easy work

The design is committed to make things better and easier. It’s not just about the things of beauty or some superficial stuff. In fact, it’s require your deep insight to make the communications problems as easy and pleasure as possible. It’s supposed to solve problems instead of decorate things.

Let’s talk about the resume and email stuff. These two things are very common in life. And mostly, people may think it’s some decoration for better design of your resume or your email to send to others. But in fact, it’s not.

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced the things in your novice period. As a freshman, you may suddenly get an email filled with lots of information, especially for the technological guy like software engineer. You’re told all the things you need is in the email, or the link page in the web. But you may find, it’s really hard to classify what they are.

They’re filled with all kinds of same size font information without any special structure. Much more worse, you find they’re pain in same color, which makes you think all the things are the same. The worst thing is, some information are capital emphasized which they are not supposed to be, like some expression of author’s feeling, while other lower case letters are what you’re really want thing, like one functionality explanation for you.

The same thing can happen for the resume. You give your new coming company one piece of information full of your traces. You think you deserve the jobs you’re hunting for. But you may surprised that the employee may know less than you expected. The point is, the employee found it’s hard to determine what the most important thing you want to express.

Here is the problem. Without elaborate design, you’re increasing the hardship of communication. You just don’t know how or what is important to express.

If you don’t know what your advantage is, what the better point you are, or you just thought you’re good at everything. Well, that would be the red flag sign, which means you’re lack of deep thinking and understanding of yourself. You can’t just determine what your boundary is, what your merit is. For this kind of guy, you have to admit that they’re not mature enough to exploit themselves thoroughly. They’re lack of deep retrospection of themselves and the world.

If you’re the one who knows what you’re good at. Okay, that we can take one more step, i.e. how to express it. In fact, it’s much easier than you think. The principle is the same as the career field, which means you need to prepare everything very well for other ones.

You first need to give some kind of structure to your information. Just like you can’t just put all the things together, you need to classify them for others. That’s the power of structure. You may think, is it necessary? Yeah, because you’re doing the scut work for other one. Like you step into one supermarket, you’d be annoying to face amounts of things without order. You need to give the structure to make your information in order. That people can begin their exploring way with map.

How to better? That’s people don’t need the map. With your emphasis, like the red color highlight, your bold font, your underline title decorate, people could grasp what they need as soon as possible. That would be very cute for people. And, it’s not an easy work. Because it requires the ability to discern what people really want, which means you need to equip with the deep insight of people. That’s very terrific ability.

So, the design is the seems easy but in fact hard and elaborate work. And it deserves your commitment. Because it’ll show your respect for others, it’ll show your generosity for others.

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