Full Steam Ahead

Do you hear that?

The train is coming in, and it isn’t stopping

At this station, or the next station, or any other station

It’s rolling on, valves cranked to the max,

It stops for no one and no-thing,

Train of determination, ambition, conviction

You thought it broke down twenty miles back

You thought that’s it, it’s over,

We’re done here;

Yeah no.

It’s a bowling ball,

Charging down the alley to smash a strike out of those pins

For the train might have been wobbly,

But the tracks are firm now,

And there is only one way to go

No more of the unnecessary

No more of being scared

No more pleading

No more being nice

No more bullshit

So hang on for dear life,

Or get out of the way,

Cause choo-choo, motherfucker,

Train’s coming in.

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