Dear Mark Zuckerberg
Susan Lyne

For the past 8 years every time we tried to talk about a subject we were called racists or bigots before the conversation even started. Was at work, talking with another woman engineer, talking about free college. I actually agree with free college but was not given a chance. She went on & on then looked at me and said oh well you don’t like Barrack Obama because he’s black so you won’t agree with it. I replied with “It will be nice when we can discuss issues again someday”.

The left fiercely attacks people who don’t agree with them with nasty name calling, etc… So for 8 years the silent majority has pulled their heads in and hunkered down. We want to discuss issues not respond to personal attacks.

You shut down all communications by attacking us now you are wondering why? The media admits not even knowing a single person like us. Yet the media has been telling us what is good for us, what we should believe in, service jobs are good enough, etc….

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