Lesson #1: Never feed a street cat.

I follow babyanimalinstagram, itsdougthepug, mr.pokee. I volunteer at Sydney catsndogs. I babysit my friends’ dog Spinach when she is away in Europe. Some of my best friends are vets.

But I can’t get a pet because the landlord won’t allow. Yes I am renting.

So naturally, when this Garfield looking street cat came across my path. I decided to take it in and raise it as my own. Bought her a shelter outside and a container to put food and water.

Garfield never bothers much. She quietly eats her lunch and dinner, stays in the house napping a bit and goes on vanishing in the darkness when night comes. Then she shows up again the next day.

Until one day she starts to scratch a lot and rubs her head on my legs too often. (first I thought it is an act of fondness) Turns out Garfield caught flees. So here are some tips I would like to provide the other animal lovers.

  1. Never feed a street cat. Or send her to a animal shelter before she catches any fleas/mites.

CatProtection Society : Book appointment on Mondays

Sydney CatsnDogs : They do not take affected cats.

2. When your home does get affected, find a Pestcontrol companies on platforms such Oneflare

I used Oneflare. The businesses are professional and respond to quote very quickly.

3. Clean your room, particularly the floor area before the spray.

My roommates have now started to not feed Garfield so that she can wander off and not bring more fleas. The landlord isn’t happy.

My best piece of advice is never feed a street cat. If you truly care, before anything goes wrong, send them a shelter that takes care of them and helps them to find a new home

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