“It Doesn’t Matter. We Won.”
Lisa Leone

You are brilliant Lisa! You will always be that cool girl that became my friend in Mrs. Dewey’s kindergarten class and grew up at Holy Cross Elementary with me! I vividly remember our 1st grade teacher Sister Theresa sitting and holding us together on her lap. You on one knee and me the other. Although not a bad memory it wasn’t until my eldest daughter started 1st grade at Holy Cross and I was more sad to leave her all day than she and it triggered that memory. No matter how much of a Survivor I may feel, after years of domestic violence leaving me with PTSD, anxiety, panic and now believing it is not part of me anymore, it still shows it’s ugly scars. Weird but true about the unknowns of trauma and you are absolutely correct in your recollections of the way it affects our physicality! I pray daily for the leftovers of my past traumatic experiences to go away but like you recognize that perhaps that is exactly why we recall when we do! Only if mentally necessary beyond our conscious awareness does that box ever become the forefront of our consciousness. You are an amazing human that holds the wisdom of your elders deep inside your knowingness! I think you Rock! 44 years later Lisa and I still know that you were the one friend that liked me just the quirky wierd way God created me! Oh….the best memories from childhood include the love and generosity your family shared with all your friends and their families! Sleepovers at your family’s restaurant as a child were magical! Stay You! Love you my friend! Keep sharing…it really helps!