Final 10 day project with Alba Comenge at Ironhack UX/UI Bootcamp

In a two week sprint, Alba and me added a matchmaking-tool and re-designed the app with the design thinking process for comyuno.

What is comyuno?

Comyuno is a social network that connects people based on a specific location, a community or an event.

It consists basically of an agenda for events, a social feed, a profile, connections, and messages. And each comyuno (yes there are several) is like a channel with different interests which you can join.

For example there is a comyuno at Klunkerkranich Berlin, a rooftop-bar whose channel you can enter. …


This weekend I went to my first Hackathon ever. It took place at the Ironhack Campus in Berlin combining the Superpowers of Web Dev’s, Data Analytics and UX/UI Designers.

We were divided into 6 Groups — each at least with one Developer, one Data Analytic and one UX/UI Designer.

In my case we have been only in a group of three as others were in five — but more to this beyond...

What was the Brief?

Your team has been hired by Craigslist, Inc. which is an American classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, services…

Week 6 of UX/UI Bootcamp Ironhack

Communication is a key factor in the Event’s success. Nowadays an Event’s digital presence is as important as the event itself — it represents the more lasting testimonial of what happened during those days.

What Event will I go for?

I’ve chosen a Festival called the “Mystic Heart Festival” which takes place in England, close to Stonehenge where the Line-up is about Fire Walking, Human Design, Tarot, Tree Whispering, Shamanism, Channelling and much more mystic stuff. They use the claim “open your heart, create a positive change and find your heart’s guidance”.

Week 5: UI Design

This weeks Task in the Bootcamp was to focus on User Interface Design as we learned how to use Principle and Figma Animations.

But which Topic?

As the rise of the digital press has seen a tremendous peak over the last years and the audience is increasing because Millennials grow older and demand all sorts of content, we had the Challenge to design a responsive online platform for a magazine, newspaper or blog directed to meet the needs and goals of a User Persona which we had to pick.

We had to deliver a consistent, branded and engaging experience and all the documentation that would allow the project to continue after our intervention as UI Designers.

Who we are designing for?

Romana and me designed for Eric which is 21-years old…

This is Week 3 of the Ironhack-Bootcamp and this weeks Task is to pair in Two and to find a solution turning in-person Summer Camps for Teens in an online Experience.

Smart Camp Inc. is an educational company born in 2014. They currently offer in-person courses about ecology, music, yoga, cooking, and technology for teenagers (12–16 yr.old). Their main attraction is workshop camps. …

This week was about to find a local E-Commerce with a shitty website to rethink it with different methods from the design thinking process and also using information architecture, card sorting, creating a sitemap and a user flow.

We were settled in a group of four and we decided to focus on a second-hand book store. Therefore we went out and interviewed the Bookshop Owners to get more information about what is most important for them to be on their website.

#challenge 3

Here is the third challenge of my ironhacks prework in which i should evaluate usability for a chosen user type and redesigning an app for my foundings and therefore writing a case study.

Target group

I decided to focus on “Worldtrotter, Backpacker” because i know a lot of people fitting that user type.

Worldtrotter, Backpacker — 18–38 y/o (1) You’ve decided to finally go visit that wonder that has been sitting in your dreams for a long time now. Yo don’t have a long time to plan but also you don’t need it. You’ll be traveling in 6 months and are open…

#Design in daily life

For the Exercise #3 at Ironhack’s prework i should think about good and bad user experiences in daily life. Here are my three worst and three best user experiences in the past:

Worst User Experience #1: CAREER FOUNDRY

I already had the luck of getting the opportunity to start an UX design online course at career foundry with a Bildungsgutschein. I signed a studying contract one month before the course started in which was written that i have a trial period of ten days. By this time i should have submitted 6 tasks via an online dashboard where the whole course is…

Teresa Prosch

passionate UX/UI designer

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