Tech Comes To Oakland
Pendarvis H.

One of my biggest concerns with Tech coming to Oakland is my experience of tech ‘taking over’ the Mission district in SF. It was almost as if people in the industry ripped the heartbeat right out of the Mission District. Oakland has an amazing soul as a city. Your quote by Darrell Jones III is correct, ‘Oakland is the entire spice rack’. I don’t want to see it become just salt without a heart beat or a soul. Most of the people in tech are from other places and have moved to the Bay Area for a job. Almost no one in the Tech sector considers their job ‘long term’. People tend to stick around for 2–3 yrs to vest their stock or wait on an IPO. Then change jobs. This also means, they don’t register to vote locally, they don’t get involved locally. I’d love to see Oakland be more of an influence on the tech community then to see the tech community influence Oakland. THAT WOULD BE AMAZING but that also means people need to want to get to know Oakland…I love Oakland, I hope Oakland continues to influence me. I just fear Oakland’s soul will be hurt. #RealTech