With the flick of her tongue, she tastes your truth.

She penetrates your aura, deciphers it instantaneously, my youth.

She can laser through your lies, undetected like radiation,yet my hesitation- pinches her palm like a spark in seconds ignite.

Encourages me to get heartbroken-proving I have learned, to get lost proving- I was found, and to disprove the need to prove everything-moving.

Precise, gently a mess, a touch, spiteful is her temper, she sees red, a biased solution to her inexperience.

Brushed by wisdom but fixed on the past, her self proclamation of reasoning is a test.

Magnetically she pulls me to be fearless with her, to live now, to accompany her on her decided adventures.

Crisp, brisk, fall wind, she has no boundaries. Like water slipping through my fingers her language is hard to swallow down my through and affiliates my speech. I listen.

Her laughter is forgetful, bold, aggressive, her troubles are obvious, wild, confrontational. Her hugs break the ribs of my stress and revive my heart of the misery that surrounds.

Athena, her spirit, her force, she absorbed her battle scars, remains soft when passionate, but stone when loyal.

Her beauty lies within her-my foil, my supressed soul, my qualities reflected, deflected and transformed into someone. She does not change, but I do.

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