After 3 and half months of lockdown, the UK has decided to relax some of the restrictions and reopen non-essential business such as restaurants and pubs. People will be allowed to dine or drink inside. In the region where I live, cafes and pubs opened a few weeks back for takeaway only and only one person allowed to get in at time. At the end of May, I got my first takeaway meal and beer and it was glorious to eat and drink a meal I didn’t have to cook.

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Let’s be clear, I am not against the decision of…

Anti-vaxxer, conspiracy theories, natural products are better than chemical ones, SARS-Cov-2 created in a Chinese lab to destroy the USA economy, you name it. The WHO named this epidemy as “infodemic” meaning that, along with the uncontrolled spreading of the new coronavirus through the population, we are living in a time when people consume news at alarming rate. And the worst thing is that there’s no really a filter to understand which piece of news is trustworthy and which one is fakenews.

For scientists active on social media, this is no news. Many of them have been trying to address…

DISCLAIMER: This article is a personal opinion on the topic and does not mention data or research study.

When I started my PhD in sustainable chemistry and moved to the UK, I did not know that sustainability was such a big issue. I was born and grew up in Italy where those conversations weren’t really mainstream news or they were but I coudn’t be bothered. …

You might not have ever heard of them, but chiral amines are incredibly useful in pharmaceuticals. These organic compounds are found in almost 40 percent of blockbuster drugs. Unfortunately, making them is a long and tedious process, requiring many steps, purifications, and separations.

These compounds are often created using expensive metals, like ruthenium or rhodium. These metals, in turn, can be hard to remove from the final drug. Regulations are understandably strict, and even trace amount of metals can disqualify a drug from commercialization.

Generally, an alternative way to create compounds is to use enzymes. Compared to pure chemical processes…

Questo articolo è stato tradotto dalla versione inglese “What it takes to annihilate a coronavirus”.

Il coronavirus, di cui si sente parlare molto in questi giorni, ha già causato oltre 2000 morti e contagiato 70000 persone. La comunità scientifica mondiale si sta muovendo nella direzione di capire come questo nuovo agente patogeno, definito ufficialmente coronavirus 2, responsabile di severe e acute condizioni respiratorie, si diffonde nell’ambiente e passa all’uomo. Le tempistiche di sopravvivenza dei virus al di fuori del corpo umano sono molto diverse e dipendono dalla natura del virus in questione. Ad esempio, il rhinovirus, che causa i raffreddori…

January was a month of profound changes and reflections which ultimately led me to change the identity of my website and Instagram page. I started blogging three years ago as a diary of my PhD journey, talking about myself, my research and how it was like to be a woman in a male-dominated field. I was looking for a platform to express myself freely and reach out to people who were going through similar feelings that I struggled to find among my own circle.

Blogging and my Instagram presence became a source of incredible opportunities. I make valuable connections and…

On Friday the 27th of January, The Goop Lab, a pseudoscience TV show featuring Gwyneth Paltrow and her company Goop, landed on NetFlix. If you don’t know what Goop is, I will make a short summary. Goop is a wellness and lifestyle company founded by actress Gwyneth Paltrow. It was launched in September 2008 beginning as a weekly e-mail newsletter providing “new age” advice on lifestyle and wellbeing. The weekly newsletters quickly evolved and Goop expanded into e-commerce, the company secured brand deals, then launched its own shop and print magazine, a podcast, and ultimately arrived on Netflix last week.

Plastic is becoming a global threat. This is not because of the material itself but its inappropriate use. I am not writing this post to demonise plastic. It’s an incredible material, robust, hygienic, resistant and easy to handle. Researchers are struggling to find alternative materials with similar properties. Unfortunately, plastic isn’t biodegradable and will persist in the environment forever. Much worse is that its degradation consists in the formation of tiny pieces of plastic, known as microplastics, which are a far more dangerous threat to the environment. In fact, due to their tiny dimensions, it’s really hard to remove them…

Recently, aluminium salts have been demonised as one of the major cause of breast cancer. This is because analysis on breast cancer cells showed a large amount of aluminium. Hence, the claim that aluminium salts, such as aluminium hydroxide and aluminium chloride are responsible for it. To which extent this is true?

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Only two scientific studies have attempted to address directly the link between underarm cosmetic use and breast cancer. In one study, it is reported that there is no difference in the risk of getting breast cancer between those who use antiperspirant/deodorant products and those who don’t. By contrast…

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A little before the start of the new year, the hashtag #MyDecadeCheck went viral and people started highlighting all the accomplishments of the 10s. I put up a long list, including finishing 3 degrees, creating a public profile, started a bunch of side hustles ,creating my identity as an adult and saved my life from depression. I never realised how much I achieved until I sat and wrote all these things down.

In chronological order: 10 Started uni 12 BSc 14 MSc | left Italy 15 Started PhD in UK 16 Lost 15kg 17 Started blog | Ran half marathon…

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