Hi Brett,
John Siegrist

Personally, I don’t understand how science is even in opposition to Faith/God, but it’s. obvious to me at least of how they go perfectly together as God is The One True God and. should not EVER be separated from anything, especially science. That’s why it’s Satan’s biggest, or one of anyway, deceptions. I live, study, and love to study psychology. I find it to be useful and obviously it is being used very much. Unfortunately, for all the wrong ways. It’s pretty much being studied to manipulate pretty much everyone who cannot reference Truth from anything and everything they read, watch, do, or believe they’re doing as a choice they’re making on their own.

Its’ basis and entire issue once again, as always, is pride. Science refuses to give up the idea that they cannot know everything unless God allows them to. So, the amount of money (billions) we’re spending in space exploration is staggering. But, in doing so, science is finding only more proof that science keeps failing itself but I still realize the field isn’t entirely useless or that studies and ways to do so are possible and good but only if God’s values and morals are applied to such studies.

In order to know anything or know what reality is sometimes, we have to have a starting point. For science to think they have an ability to base all life, existence and things on empirical evidence, as they call it, is nonsense. In reality, they know that theories are not facts. But first, scientists and inventors alike have to have a basis for their ideas. Usually, it begins with the fact that humans are prone to want to reason. I believe this is what gets us into trouble.

I am aware that I was told a lot of things as a child and then learned things were not even real history at the high school level that I was being taught these things. Good thing I decided (or did I?) to stop paying attention to the teachers in pretty much all the classes I took in high school. I studied hard from age 7 or 8 to get into the G.A.T.E. Program to then already be at college reading level in the 7th grade, which, in hindsight as all things in my life are, it may not be the wisest decision to give children depressing reads at that age and not explain much at all to the children, which by the way, I’m unsure if they all really even realize this today but, the majority of the kids in the G.A.T.E. class were dealing with issues they are clueless were even issues altogether and sadly, I won’t know why until age 40 of all ages (but know why 40 is a specifically perfect age and amount of years) to have The Holy Spirit living in me, which I’m aware is The Holy Spirit that I learned of but never understood or truly experienced until then and I had very limited understanding as well until then of the Bible and things of God, told me all about my life and not only did He but within a blink of an eye did He awaken my sleeping mind or blinded eyes.

I grew up with non-believing parents or shall I say rather, non-practicing parents and had no guidance whatsoever but had to survive from age 2001 — 2015 at the hands of the professionals in the psychiatric field and field of psychology and these are still the ones still claiming they are all more qualified than me based off of the obvious evidence that I do have proving otherwise, that science supposedly failed me as well as the “system” and God is still saying it’s not that science or system failed me because it’s not the field of studying things or the system itself that’s the issue. The problems with the fields of study and system is rooted in pride. Proverbs 16:18 states this: Pride goes before destruction, haughtiness before a fall. I’m not a biblical scholar, but the majority of pastors do go to Bible College and study not only the Holy Bible but other religions as well. And depending on not only the leader in each and every leadership position but also the member’s commitment to Christ and reading His Word, many believers may never truly be saved but believe that they are saved and sadly, learn all too late that it was never the case. It is. not that easy for many to understand inside and outside of our churches today. Any good pastor will tell you not to believe his word or authority on anything he teaches on any given service but to search the scriptures yourself and to test the spirits and pray for discernment. But, unfortunately, it’s very much dividing the church for many years on different interpretations, things taken literally without context of the overall, whole, complete story makes for much confusion. The Bible is one and only one book that’s an entire new book each time you open it, regardless of the repeated reading of the same verses, due to the nature of the human being and our ability to read that one Book and personally feel convicted or realize that it’s talking about you or reminding you of, or revealing itself to you things that you cannot deny is Truth. Many, many people are struggling with The Word of God (The Holy Bible) and turning away from God altogether because of this truth.

Which brings me back to this deception that atheism and Christianity is a debate. Science and some of its’ theories, such as man evolving from Apes makes no rational sense considering some of the apes must’ve been denied and/or left out of the awesome evolutionary “privileges” because as we all know apes are still around…some in zoos in the Unites States as I’m certain the apes did not wander over to the zoo…in a cage by choice. But, if we meditate for just a moment on how these United States became a nation altogether, we are aware there were obvious deceptions and opportunities and advances in technology, i.e. guns, medicine, etc.) so, obviously these apes, which by their strength can tear an apart limb to limb, were “brought” over to these zoos, not to mention all the other ways we abuse technology such as weapons and medicines to harm people.

In actuality, as the pride of scientists and enemy’s deceptions have attempted to overtake me, my actual life story proves in itself that science goes hand and hand with God. God made man, woman and all things and allowed whichever scientist, who would at first be considered and still known as “mad scientist” to study and invent things as was and still is gift and blessing from God Himself. However, we give a lot of credit to inventors, scientists, etc. I’m unsure which ones gave glory to God after they proved or invented something but I am aware Thomas Edison literally had an idea (or some say it wasn’t actually Edison really but that’s moot point), and do we know how many times he attempted what he swore was going to work and fail but continue to keep trying? About 1,000 attempts and fails prior to his success. That’s beyond determination! No, really it was that prior to their existence, God was all over it!

So crazy this science vs. God issue… Also, dinosaurs were in fact discovered but we insist we’re right and God’s Word is or GOD himself is not as smart as man? Yeah, dinosaurs are what man named them after the fact. God called them by their first names. Anyway, all these debates and different religions altogether are all Satan’s deceptions. Man insists they’re smarter than God Himself but are regularly deceived by not only Satan but by their own pride, which was also the fall of Satan. But Satan knows this about man and Satan and his demons have many, many ways and tactics that God tells us how he rolls… He will deceive the remaining as the Anti-Christ but won’t actually be “Anti-Christ but will pretend TO BE Christ.

Currently, we’re in deep layers of denial about the stealth jihad occurring as we speak. And, all you gotta do is look at original and still Holy Land (lil bitty Israel) and it’s surrounding areas. Even the Muslims who will blow us up and everyone else along with themselves for their god, are scared of God’s babies and are aware even if they don’t realize they are. Same issue with constant Atheist vs. Christians (supposed) debate. Atheists still believe Christians are actually in a debate and even more unfortunate, some are! Lol. I’m aware Atheist believe in God more than their mind will allow them to accept. But you don’t often see Atheist vs. Buddhist debates. I know many Atheists who agree more with Buddhism but believe it’s a philosophy and not what it is: a religion created by Satan. They most likely don’t know that Buddhists not only believe in hell but several unthinkable, torturous levels of such hells.

In the end, we all need to drop our pride and stop running away from God but toward Him. The time is drawing near that we will be out of chances. And none of us know when our own time is up. I am speaking to myself as well. I pray that we all seek The Kingdom of God and accept the Truth. The Word of God is in fact, the ultimate authority on determining reality from delusions and Truth from lies.

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