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actually he WAS wrong. it has been proven by ACTUAL laws that already exist in at least 17 states, DC, and over 225 cities and counties who have these kind of protections, some of them have for over 20 years. and guess what??? not a single bit of increase in sex crimes in the restrooms. Heck the LA school district has had them for over a decade, and they have had ZERO incidents with trans persons, or those faking to get Peeks even.

heres a key factor, those who dress as women for perversion as you are stating do NOT sexually assault, they are peepers, pictures, video, etc. those who commit sexual assault, it is about the power, control, domination of the other person, not about the actual sex. forcing sex on someone is seen as the highest form OF control to these people. its very hard to achieve the fear needed for this when you are dressed in panties, bra, dress and heels lol. i am assuming YOU are a “man’s man”, would YOU dress as a woman (not for a costume, but to do something to prove your “manliness”)? no because to MOST men it threatens their masculinity, and its hard to get the feelings a sexual predator NEEDS when your very core is threatened in your own mind

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