By saying these aren’t real transgenders, you are engaging in the “No true scotsman” fallacy…
John Rohan

  1. they ARENT trans, and they were adults, not kids in those cases, there is NO case of a minor doing this in schools, despite some districts (like the LA school district) for almost 20 years. as a trans woman, i DO care when some is claiming to be something they are not while they are breaking the law, because the right wingers have made it seem like its a get out of jail free card. heck there have been more conservative “christians” in ladies rooms than actual perverts in recent months, trying to prove the point YOU just made. no NOT just anyone can claim to be trans and go into a restroom, kids or adults, and they ARE different. if a child claims it but wont or cant provide documentation, then i am sorry they can use special accommodations. if they ARE documented and in care, medically especially, then YOU ARE discriminating
  2. your “belief” it is JUST a preference is none sense, sorry. medical science disagrees with you, and dont start the whole DNA/Chromosome crap, i can drown you in evidence showing the stereotype to be just that a stereotype, not the definitive answer.
  3. claims we control things to stop news articles, arrests etc are just plain conspiracy theory trash. sorry but nuts are nuts. we have the medical establishment behind us, you have a 2000 year old book full of mistakes, contradictions with NO proof its even partially accurate, at best, or just plain hate.
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