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I’ve always lacked skill in my hands Ever since I was little. Quantos-queres (Portuguese paper game), paper airplanes, boats and paper hats seemed, almost always, the same thing. Attempts at cross point, home fairy and such, I won’t even speak of it… I’m sure there is a sentence I repeatedly heard from my mother, that I must confess I can’t remember, because she always had to help me finishing those sorts of tasks! Any drawing with ink of China rapidly transformed into one big blur. (I believed many times that it was for being left-handed… I still do). My lessons of visual education and drawing were one torment and my grades reflected it! With scissors, then, I won’t even talk about because every Christmas I wanted to make nice and perfect wrappings in squares and rectangles… but even then, they wouldn’t be like I imagined… my struggle in cutting one stripe of paper with scissors was and still is a joke, no longer funny,

Well, I enjoy drawing trees. They’re always the same, since I was ten, but I care for them and someday I will show you one…

All this do say that when I see the skill and creativity of some people (and in my family, I seem to be the only one struggling with human kinetics, which is almost offensive!) I feel kind of jealous. And like I said previously, I will show here, besides things I have, thing I would like to have or, to put it best, things I thinks every eyes should look upon, even if they don’t like as much as I do!

I discovered Edgar Artis’ profile in Instagram, he is an illustrator like Armenio’s fashion, who completes his drawings with food (said like this, it might seem blherk, but it’s not!) and other objects from his every day… for me, it was an inspiration. I’ve already imagined myself inside a couple little models! :)

Check it out and see if I’m right or not.

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