The blog and the maintenance of the ego

Em português:

I was wondering if I should publish this post after the previous one, in which I also speak of this subject, but I’m going to take the chance, since I’m not going back to write about this.

I started this blog a little time ago. I don’t read many, didn’t follow one… I read some, from time to time, as they were emerging on social media because of the shares.

Now I read a few. More because I’m in groups, for promotion, than because I follow a specific one, which I also do. The reason why I follow or not, it’s not important to what brings me here.

As in everything, I have read very good things and some bad things. This does not mean that people who write good stuff, don’t also have bad things and vice versa. The obvious! And what is also obvious is that what to me is bad, can be good for another person…

The point is I won’t label. I see and read what goes on appearing to me and makes me curious to learn more.

What brings me here is the lack of generosity I see. Everywhere, in fact. I see generosity “in mass”. In less happy “events”, where it suits well to be “solidary”, “generous”.

Individually, we are increasingly trying to show something and being another.

Going straight to the point, because there are several reasons that bring me here, what I specifically mean is related to the groups of sharing/disclosure of blogs.

There are several. A few with more other members, others with less.

And passing by all, there are posts and posts and posts without a single like or comment. Some with views, some even without it.

I can’t believe that those who see the posts don’t think any deserve a like. Even being about a subject that doesn’t interest us around as well, there will be other things to value. Even if it is the writing form. The photograph chosen. The originality. The lack of it.

Who writes a blog, somehow wants to be read. There will be, for sure, some who write to themselves above all, but like to be read all the same.

Another thing I feel and seems to be almost a rule is “If you comment, I will too.” “If” and “If”.

I also notice that suddenly, there is a pilgrimage of comments from bloggers in blogs of others, only (and there will be exceptions) to have theirs commented too.

I also comment, of course, but not to get in return! I comment when the writing makes me comment.

A few hours ago, my blog was commented. It was done in a “semi-unknown” way, the blog was not mentioned. I liked that they had done so. In addition to reveal intelligence it also shows the so-called generosity.

All of this disturbs me. If I want bloggers to read me? Sure. I want them all to read. I want them all to enjoy. But I haven’t written a blog for bloggers. I write for people. And this makes me always think about if I should publish in those groups or not. First because I know that the interaction will be null and then because I’m “advertising” essentially to the “competition”.

Another thing I see is bloggers asking for shares of the links because they want to meet new blogs. What about a little research? And what about looking for the publications in the groups? And most of the time is for exchanges of “likes” and to get ideas. Not getting in the sense that they are going to take the idea, but, I hope, to get in and out, of the spirit of the thing.

Are we against each other or do we want to be able to make partnerships without this being the first step?

Someone who is in this longer than me, or that has a more positive vision of the thing, please enlighten me, please!

p.s.1: And, please, be more generous. Show that you like or that you realize that the post was a load of work to somebody. value yourself and others too!

p.s. 2: I will use this time to provide synonyms of the word spread: reveal, advertise, serve, show, popularize, radiate, express, publish, disseminate, transmit, promote, launch, preach, communicate.

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