Rainbow over country fields
Rainbow over country fields
Photo by author

A couple of days ago, the county had its tractor crew out mowing the grass on both sides of our road. It reminded me of another time they mowed, back in 2007.

That was the day I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

Back then our organic vegetable garden was nearly 5500 square feet — quadruple the size it is now. That’s also when my husband, Dan, was the primary one in charge of it. Our agreement was “You grow it, we both harvest it and I cook and/or freeze it”.

While Dan has always loved gardening, he DETESTS weeding and watering. So when he read Ruth Stout’s book, Gardening Without Work, he became a lifelong convert. She taught him how to use mulch to minimize the weeding and watering. …

Woman hiding behind a happy face sign
Woman hiding behind a happy face sign
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“I hate Pammy Stevens!”

My face was red and tears streamed down it as I got in the car and slammed the door. School had just let out for the day and mom had picked me up. I was in first grade.

“What happened?” mom asked.

“I HATE her mom! She’s so mean to me. She was calling me names again and she wouldn’t stop. And then she stole my stocking cap and ran away with it. I tried to catch her but I couldn’t. And all the kids were laughing at me. I was so MAD!”

My mom looked at me, a serious look on her face. …

Holding a sign that reads “PLEASE”
Holding a sign that reads “PLEASE”
Adobe Stock Photo. ID 66268917 by Mikkel Bigandt

Dear Mr. Vice President…

Let me say, up front, that I will be voting for you.

Nonetheless, I felt disappointed, embarrassed and frustrated by your performance in the debate on Tuesday. It’s also what I have been feeling about your campaign this past month.

And I want you to know why. And what I pray you will do about it.

So hang with me to the end, okay?

You see, I want to vote FOR you — not AGAINST President Trump.

I want to vote for you because I believe, in my heart, that you are the best person to be our next President. …


Teresa Romain

Entrepreneur. Speaker. Coach. Writer. Intuitive. Nature gal. God gal. Ending Scarcity begins by Redefining Abundance. https://teresaromain.com/begin-here/

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