Important Questions

When people start cosplaying they are always faced with one major problem. What are they going to be? I face this question every time I go to sit down and think of what exactly I am going to be at the next convention I attend. 
The best way for someone to pick the character they want to be is simple. Here are some of the questions you might ask yourself:
What are my favorite show/fandoms?
Who are my favorite characters?
How elaborate is this costume going to be?
How much will it cost me?
These questions are very important when figuring out your next cosplay. I have put myself in some tough situations. For example, I was planning on going to Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia one summer and I thought it would be a great idea to go as my favorite character, Tavrisprite from Homestuck.

I worked very hard on the outfit and thought that I had everything in place. That was until I was faced with the situation of making horns. To make the horns it would cost me over $50 alone and they do not sell them online for any much cheaper, since everything is usually hand made. When I had finally gotten enough money to make these horns, it had taken me over three days to actually get them made and an additional two days to paint. In the end this simple cosplay slowly turned into an expensive time consuming project. Knowing what I do now, I would have looked into the costume idea first and draw out the prices and time management before even considering making it. ( even though I still believe that wouldn’t have stopped me )

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