My Experience in Andela bootcamp so far.

Today is Day 2 of the home study session and my experience so far has been enriching. My quest for solution has taken a radical approach and i have come to realize there a way out in everything. I have encountered a lot of technical terms and concepts within a short time and no matter how far i go in the boot camp i have certainly developed a growth mindset with regards to problem solving.

I have been able to grasp a fair knowledge of what an API/Web service is as it this was needed in my quest to understand how i was going to build command line application to consume a public API using nodeJS.

As usual i was given code labs to complete for the day and the tasks just seems to not get less difficult.

Howbeit, I have resolved to trying my best. Right now (as I have learned), beating deadlines matters, but ultimately demonstrating capabilities at described values and potentiality.

*Aiming to be world class*