How Much am I Actually Spending on Household Goods and Toiletries?
Nicole Dieker

Toiletries and household goods at the grocery store and drug stores have a high mark-up.

Get that stuff, along with accessories, make-up, pet supplies and grocery staples,etc at Target, Costco or another big box, Usually the economy sizes are better prices per/oz-unit. If you have space to store them you don’t have to go too often. And, anything you don’t care for can usually be used another way, like shampoo-use for delicates or just add to the laundry soap. (carefull about foamy stuff in the dishwasher) Also, white vinegar, baking soda and Dr. Bronners do a lot, with most cleansers you are paying for advertising and plastic spray bottles. I also keep an eye out for the $5.00 gift card deals at Target, they usually beats coupons. (And, no I don’t work for them, but they don’t sell cigarettes and they do give a % to the community.)

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