Why Mobile BI?

Teri Grossheim
Dec 6, 2014 · 3 min read

The consumerization of IT has disrupted several facets of our daily lives, including the use of mobile devices in the workplace. Organizations need to have a mobility strategy in place to stay competitive, which includes mobile business intelligence. According to Boris Evelson, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, “Mobility is no longer a ‘nice to have’ — it will (be) the new BI mantra”. Execs and employees alike cannot wait to make decisions until they are in the office, in front of their PCs. Evelson also states that 24% of enterprises already use or are piloting mobile BI applications and 37% are considering mobile BI for near-term implementations.

Is your organization ready to compete with these firms, who are implementing methods to review data in real-time to make critical decisions?

It seems the majority of use cases for mobile BI are focused on the creation and deployment of dashboards and the mobilization of BI content. Healthcare and transportation industries also report consistent use cases, with the transportation utilizing advanced capabilities such as GPS, for items such as routing and alerts. Many BI platforms offer mobile deployment options without additional tools or development has eased adoption in small and midsize businesses.

Current mobile BI solutions are focused on information consumption. Typically, this means interactive dashboards that enable a level of user engagement not usually seen in traditional BI solutions. According to Joao Tapadinhas, Research Director at Gartner, the most common use cases for mobile BI include:

  • BI content mobilization — Execution on mobile devices of content built for desktop consumption
  • Management dashboards — Often used to delivery KPIs
  • Field workers’ reports — Delivers a narrow scope of information for a limited set of business processes
  • Mobile analytics — Delivers information through features such as prebuilt analytic models, broad information navigations, diverse sorting, drilling and filtering possibilities, table/chart/maps manipulation, which are combined to support basic analytic processes
  • Mobile BI applications — Creation of software that runs autonomously from any BI platform

Tapadinhas recommends the implementation of a mobile BI initiative must be preceded by a business case and the creation of a strategy, which align with existing BI and mobility strategies, with consideration regarding where and how mobile BI will impact the organization. This is where Mikan Associates can help your team.

Mikan Associates specializes in working with teams to develop and implement a successful business intelligence strategy. Mikan’s Information Delivery practice can tailor a solution, which takes both existing and new data, and processes it in a way to deliver to mobile devices using data analytics dashboards, data visualization, and reporting tools. While the technology is a vehicle with information delivery, Mikan Associates believes linking impactful data and analytics solution to business objectives.


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