Many parents are suddenly faced with the prospect of homeschooling their kids for a few weeks or months. Even if your district has switched to remote learning as opposed to shutting down entirely, that is still what you are doing. Most homeschool families participate in some sort of remote or community program, although admittedly it’s typically not full time and families generally have much more control over their classes and schedules.

My kids have all graduated and moved away so I’m not facing the sudden, rapid adjustments today’s parents with school age kids are grappling with. …

Change is Hard Because…Biology: Why Thinking Fast Slows Down Change

It’s 2030 and RealLife@ is big. RealLife is a 3D projector system that simulates…pretty much anything you can describe, sketch, create or photograph. Customers can turn their living room into an Amazonian Jungle one day and a Frank Lloyd Wright atrium the next. Business users can turn the conference room into a proposed store design or mock up complex 3D prototype in a matter of hours. Remote offices can download and project the identical setup allowing dispersed teams to collaborate in real time. Businesses cut design hours by 90% or…

Teri Patrick

Sr. Product Marketing Manager at F5 Networks.

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