Sales Collateral Explained

Every business has its own department in-charge of marketing. Each marketing department also has knowledge of what sales collateral is. Sales collateral is also undeniably vital in a company’s brand, customer acquisition and competitive edge in the process of gaining higher sales and revenue.

To fully explain, sales collateral is developed to help move prospected buyers to the sales process. In some companies, as explained by The Peterson Group, expert in sales advertising since 1991, collateral is used to distinguish the size of the market and review the best strategy to use. The latter include case studies and product data sheets.

Aside from those mentioned, sales collateral comes in different forms. A company should know the full range of these materials to use the most appropriate ones to a target market. In a review of a thesis entitled, “Effectiveness of Sales Collateral in Market Management”, Pronak Waldu, a business marketing student in the University of Jakarta in Indonesia gave a definitive list of the different sales collateral used in today’s businesses.

· Whitepapers

Whitepapers can help your business tell your story. It can give detailed information about your product or services build brand image and generate leads and prospects. It is also quick to read and provide data-based capabilities of your product.

· Testimonials

Testimonials are often more effective than any other advertisements since it features confirmation of users of the product. First time users are more likely to believe fellow consumers, know of their complaints and feedback more than they trust a company’s claim. Happy clients can make the best sales pitch

· Case Studies

Most consumers are keen on details and strict on assurance that they can benefit from what they are paying. You can impress them by creating case studies showing statistics and graphs. It can be pretty impressive if you have something which shows great deal of research and hard work.

· Webinars

Many large companies hold webinars which can educate and inform their clients on how the industry works. Webinars are a great way to provide expertise and thought leadership on relevant business issues. Validate your product by featuring high profile experts from outside your company on the webinar. This is a useful lead generation tool and also a great reason for a rep to reach out.

· Videos

Videos are fast becoming one of the most effective tools to market your business. Since people nowadays are expecting visuals, you can throw information with little graphics in a short video and you can now have preferable collateral.