Pils is not a four letter word

Your improv show have just finished and you’re backstage. High fives, laughs, hugs. And then, notes.

What scenes worked? Which ones didn’t? Who did what, etc.

If you’re groaning now, that’s okay. We’ve all been there.

This post is not about whether or not you should do notes after your show. It’s for those of you who do them, and to provide a very simple and useful tool that just might keep notes shorter and friendlier.

Most performers have thoughts and opinions on the stuff they just did. I know I do. 45 minutes later we’re still talking, discussing, arguing and defending the choices we made and why we made them. We’ve haven’t covered half of the show yet. The fun is long gone and your friends have left because you promised to meet them in the bar half an hour ago.

If this sounds familiar, say hello to our little friend: Pils!

“the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems” by mnm.all on Unsplash

Oslo’s Impro Neuf does a fun, two-act short form show. After each show a member of our ensemble leads a 15 min. notes session, breaking down the individual scenes as well as the show in general (sounds, lights, host, energy, etc).

Every time notes diverges into discussion anyone present can shout PILS! At any time. Pils!

The reason I did that thing was because you did this thing and then I thought that PILS!!!

Pils is Norwegian for beer. Bottled or draught. But more importantly: When “PILS” is called that’s the end of the discussion. No arguments. No reasoning. Next note. And when notes are done, odds are you’ve forgotten whatever you were talking about already. If not, talk about in the bar afterwards. As friends. Over a beer*.

So if you do notes after shows and tend to get stuck in arguments, feel free to use our secret tool: Pils!

Here’s looking at you, kid

Thanks for reading!

*or any non-alcoholic beverage.