Termaxia Announces Expansion into China Enterprise Data Storage Market

We are pleased to announce Termaxia’s expansion into China enterprise data storage market. Termaxia views the China market to be of great strategic importance. To meet the needs of a growing population, there is a large appetite for large volumes of data to be stored, in a wide range of applications including video surveillance, enterprise backups, content distribution, artificial intelligence, genome sequencing and among others. The growth of new green field data centers also presents opportunities for Termaxia’s storage solutions. According to Synergy research group, the Chinese data center and cloud market is estimated to be over $15 billion annually and growing at over 16% annually (see article).

To meet these demands, Termaxia offers low-power high-performance software-defined storage solution targeting exabyte-scale storage. Our flagship product achieves unmatchable cost/performance ratio and reliability that far outperforms competing solutions in the market. Over the past two years, we have witnessed a rapid growth in customer adoption and revenue, and currently have customers in the US, China, and Southeast Asia. Our current customers include enterprise companies and telcos that store large amounts of data that need to be retrieved in real-time through object, file, or traditional block API.

Termaxia’s multi-pronged expansion strategy includes working with our enterprise storage solution partners in China. Termaxia has established a partnership with Guangzi Technology. Guangzi Technology is based in Shenzhen. Guangzi has extensive experiences and customer channels in enterprise data storage. Moreover, Termaxia has formed a partnership with another Shenzhen-based company Learsun Technology. Learsun manufactures high-end enterprise servers for the Chinese market, and is actively expanding business in enterprise storage. Learsun currently has hundreds of customers and millions-of-dollars revenue. Termaxia has also formed a partnership with Beijing-based company Seafile. Seafile enables enterprises to sync and share files across different devices in private cloud via an enterprise file hosting platform. The company currently has thousands of customers all over the world.

Partner Quotes:

“Learsun is thrilled to form a partnership with Termaxia. Given the explosion of information and the presence of new greenfield data centers, China has very strong demand for storage solutions that can scale-out to exabytes of data and provide an easy-to-use interface. Termaxia fits both criteria and has gathered strong interests from our customers. Termaxia storage software brings out the best out of storage hardware, in terms of cost, performance, reliability, and energy consumption.” — Heng Pu, CEO of Learsun Technology.

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Termaxia CEO Changbin Liu with executive team from Learsun Technology.

Guangzi Technology has a wide network of customers, including banks, insurance companies, and video surveillance companies. These companies have large volumes of data that require real-time storage and fast retrieval — features that Termaxia provides. We have seen widespread customer interest in Termaxia’s storage product across all our customer base and look forward to working with the company in providing an integrated solution to our customers.” — Fan Yang, CEO of Guangzi Technology.

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Termaxia CEO Changbin Liu with Guangzi Technology executive team.

“Seafile has been looking for a storage partner for some time. We found that Termaxia’s storage solution significantly outperforms other competing solutions in the market that we have looked at. By partnering with Termaxia, we are able to provide a much more cost-effective solution for our customers.” — Jiaqiang Xu, CTO of SeaFile.

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Termaxia CEO Changbin Liu with Seafile CTO Jiaqiang Xu.

About Termaxia: Termaxia is a US-based company offering low-power high-performance software-defined enterprise storage solutions targeting the exabyte-scale storage market. The company is co-founded by leading researchers and engineers in the cloud and storage space. Additional information about Termaxia can be obtained by visiting our website http://termaxia.com.

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