How to participate in the Ternio Pre-Sale

Some of you already know Ternio is building a digital advertising blockchain to help ad buyers get better transparency into the supply chain. Ternio is currently running a pre-sale which enables the public to purchase TERN tokens early. Here are the steps you need to take in order to participate.

  1. Visit Ternio’s website and click on “Register for Pre-Sale”

2) On the registration page you must complete each field value on the form, such as name, email address, and your KYC/AML documentation. KYC stands for “know your customer” and AML stands for “anti money laundering”. This is standard for all crypto companies as they need to ensure they adhere to all government rules and regulations.

With your mobile phone camera, take a picture of your government ID, a picture (selfie) of you holding the government ID, and your passport. These are all manually verified by a Ternio employee so make sure you do it correctly, otherwise you will be denied.

3) Once you have submitted your information, it will be reviewed by Ternio. You should receive two emails 1 — confirming your submission 2 — when you have been approved.


People located in the United States must also provide an accreditation letter (from a CPA or VerifyInvestor) as well as sign a SAFT agreement. Ternio is based in the US and must adhere to all US rules/regulations. Ternio will contact you directly via email to get this information.

4) Once your KYC/AML documents have been approved, you can login to your Ternio dashboard. Under “purchase method” you will select the way you want to purchase TERN tokens — Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, or Wire for FIAT currency. A wallet address or bank details will be shown when you click.

5) Once you have sent payment it’s best to email Ternio to confirm they have received payment. It can take up to 24 hours for the tokens to appear in your account. Once you have the tokens you are all finished.

That’s it! Visit the Ternio website to get started.