Ternio 100k Airdrop


  • Please read the complete rules below
  • You must submit your public code and confirmation code (read rules below) along with a Telegram video of yourself to verify identity in order to redeem your TERN
  • Final token distributions will be made to wallets at the end of the airdrop. At this time, we do require KYC documents to prevent fraud.

Starting Feb 5th, Ternio will airdrop 100,000 TERN every day to 20 lucky people who are in our Telegram channel http://t.me/terniotoken

  • 100k Tokens a day
  • 20 lucky people per day
  • 5,000 tokens per person per day
  • Airdrop: Every day Feb 5th — May 31st
  1. Participants must register for an account on Ternio at http://airdrop.ternio.io/dashboard
  2. You must subscribe to our Telegram channel in order to participate.
  3. Once you login to your Ternio dashboard you will be provided with an “Public Code” and “Confirmation Code”.
  4. Ternio will make airdrop notifications ONLY over telegram at random times throughout the day. Some days we may announce 5 codes, 4 times a day. Other days we may announce 2 codes, 10 times a day. It will be randomized so all timezones have a chance to win!
  5. “Public Codes” will be announced during each airdrop. If your Public Code is called, you will then be required to provide your “Confirmation Code” within 1 hour of the airdrop announcement.
  6. Everyone has their own individual Public Code.
  7. When an Admin announces Public Codes, you must check to see if any of the Public Codes match yours. If one does, you much provide your confirmation code that is located in your personal Ternio airdrop dashboard.
  8. When you respond in the channel you must tag the admin that made the announcement. For example, if Ian posts your code, you must tag @iankane to ensure the message was seen.
  9. Your response must be in the following format ~ public-code :: confirmation-code
  10. If you are lucky enough to have your Public Code called AND fast enough to respond, then Ternio will deposit 5,000 tokens into your Ternio airdrop dashboard.
  11. Each user is able to receive airdrops a maximum of 3 times.
  12. Your airdrop token amount will be displayed in your airdrop dashboard until June 1st. On June 1st your Ternio tokens will become available to transfer into your wallet (the day of the public sale). Instructions on how to provide us with your wallet address will be provided on this day.
  13. You may only create 1 account. If you create more than 1 account, all of your tokens will be forfeited.
  14. You may view your token count along with everyone else’s token count in your dashboard under the open ledger.

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