The Ternio BlockCard Has Arrived

Ternio is happy to announce that after many months of hard work we are opening reservations for the BlockCard™. You can sign up now at

The BlockCard enables anyone to spend the value of their Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar and other cryptocurrencies on a physical debit card anywhere in the world major credit cards are accepted.

The first 100

There are two phases to the BlockCard release. In phase 1 — we are limiting the distribution to only 100 BlockCards. The first 100 cards will be made of metal and will be very similar to what you see being used in our videos.

How can I be in the first 100?

It’s a competition. After signing up for the BlockCard — you can choose the amount of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Stellar (XLM), and/or Ternio (TERN) you wish to deposit (over $100 USD). Since the BlockCard runs exclusively on the TERN token — you will receive TERN at the market price. The total amount deposited will be anonymously added to a “top 100” leaderboard. This leaderboard will be public so everyone can identify where they place within the leaderboard ranks.

The top 100 accounts with the highest amount of crypto deposited in their BlockCard account will receive their BlockCards in phase 1. There is no set end date to when this contest will end, so users are encouraged to deposit the maximum amount they are comfortable with and will utilize on the BlockCard.

What if I’m not in the first 100?

If you deposited funds in your BlockCard account, but it was not enough to be in top 100 then you will receive your BlockCard during Phase 2. Your BlockCard will be distributed with the total amount of crypto that you deposited. You will not lose your deposit if you did not make it in Phase 1. Phase 2 recipients can expect to receive their BlockCard in Q1 2019.

What are my options and costs?

The first 100 BlockCards will be issued for free. There will be three types of BlockCards during our launch: Metal BlockCards will cost $50 including delivery. Plastic BlockCards will cost $10. Virtual BlockCards will be free. Every customer will receive a virtual card for use while they wait for their physical BlockCard to arrive — so you can start using your BlockCard immediately.

Wen Airdrop / Wen KYC / Wen Codez?

As many of you know, Ternio ran one of the largest airdrops in crypto history. There has been a lot of interest as to how Ternio would handle the distribution to airdrop recipients. Airdrop winners will receive their TERN winnings on a BlockCard in December. We’re trying to make this effective December 15th, but we still have a few things to work through. Users will be able to use a virtual BlockCard or wait for a physical card to be issued. Airdrop winners will receive their physical BlockCards at the same time as Phase 2 BlockCards are shipped. Cards are shipped from the United States.

Those that still need to complete their KYC will be able to do so within the BlockCard website interface. KYC verification is needed in order to validate your airdrop winnings. This is not a Ternio policy, but one mandated by Ternio’s partners and US regulation.

What Else?

This is only version 1 of the BlockCard release and great things are on the horizon. The BlockCard user interface will be a web only interface usable on both desktop and mobile. During Version 2 — we plan to introduce a mobile app and other great BlockCard features. We’ll be eagerly looking forward to feedback on how we can improve the BlockCard and your user experience.

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