Treasure Hunt Airdrop : Rules and Guides

Ahoy scallywags!
Hidden below the depths of the croix, lies a treasure for you to keep and enjoy. Many challenges may take you to get to your goal so light your flame and let it glow. A legion are after and few will receive, but if you are fast you will achieve.


Treasure Hunt is a game of speed, skill, timing, and chance.

You are given a treasure map with a least 10 possible locations of where buried treasure may lay. At any time during any given day, a admin within the Telegram group will announce that a Treasure Hunt has begin by stating:
“The treasure I have hidden is mine, but free it is for the first to find.”

Once the game has begun, the goal is to locate the correct location on the map of where the treasure has been hidden. The first person to correctly locate the treasure immediately receive’s the bounty awarded into their account in the form of TERN tokens. The exact amount of the bounty is up to the administrator managing that specific game.

Once a Treasure Hunt game has begin, all participant’s must enter the treasure map game board:

Example of the Treasure Map Game Board

, choose a selection of locations to go to, and then enter in their “Public ID” into the form field on the page:

Example of the form field to enter your “Public ID”

During the time of the game, participants may enter into as many locations as they wish to locate the correct page. However, be aware that this is a game of speed. The first person to locate the correct page and enter in their Public ID will receive the bounty award.

Once the bounty award has been given out, the game is over and no other participant can receive the bounty award.

Upon entering your Public ID, a message will state whether you have won the bounty, no treasure is at that location, or that the game is over.


  1. A game is started by an admin calling 
    “The treasure I have hidden is mine, but free it is for the first to find.”
  2. The locations of the treasure are located on the treasure map game board located at:
  3. You must click to select a location of your choice and enter in your Public ID into the form field provided on the page.
  4. The first person to enter in their Public ID into the form field on the correct page will receive the bounty award automatically added to their account.
  5. The location of the hidden treasure can change for every new game.
  6. This is an internal game only. This means that you must be logged into your Ternio airdrop account in order to participate in this game.
  7. If you do not already have an account. you may register at:


  1. No bot’s allowed. If you decide to create a bot, use a bot, or distribute a bot, you will lose your account and all TERN associated with it.
  2. You may not work in teams or collude in any way. If you decide to collude or work in teams you will lose your account and all TERN associated with it.
  3. This is a game of speed. Do not complain if others are faster than you.