Yes I do know how bad that sounds but I have heard these words spoken before. It’s fucked up how we think but this is the truth. For one you can’t trust everyone with your hair because that new barber may push back your line, may give you an unintentional part in your head that you never asked for, and it just feels wrong sitting in someone else’s chair.
The Barbershop: A Haircut and a Healing
Prince Greene

I have regular barber that I go here in Toronto when I don’t cut my own hair. Anyway he went on-a vacation for 2 weeks and I have the barber that is always next to his chair a chance to cut my hair and this dude did my taper amazing. Much better than my regular. It sucks now because I only want to go to this guy for my tapers but out of loyalty I will go to my regular and get a different cut. Smh. My regular can’t do taper as well as the new guy.

So you are right that barber loyalty is 100% real