The Monster at the End of This Page

“ Please do not turn the page. Please, please, please…”
— Grover

I’ve never had trouble spelling the word “embarrassed” thanks to loveable, furry, old Grover; Sesame Street’s blue shag carpet Muppet with the trust issues (thanks to us).

Jon Stone | 1971 (Golden Books)

As readers or the read to, we quite willingly and relentlessly defied this poor frightened being’s pleas to stop. He found himself locked into a storyline that would bring him face-to-face with his worst fears and at every page turn, as his attempts to stop us failed miserably and his fear grew, so did our laughter.

But we learned how to spell a hard word before other kids as it was the last word of the book uttered by Grover. Forced to relent he says, I’m so embarrassed.” And we close the book with a laugh at his silliness and sacrifice never understanding the horror we put him through.

Is the Archon so insidious as to catalyze our sadism through these furry, loveables? Or is it just our unconscious self-defeating nature with a printing press?

[Excerpted from US6 Book V: Cross of the Serpent]
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