Andaman Isles

Story & Visuals by Aparna Kongot

Selvam sits behind the reception desk scribbling fervently. The uneventful night shifts at the hotel leaves him ample time to pursue a second job closer to his heart — writing a column in the local papers. During his high school and college days in…

Story by Aparna Kongot | Visuals by Mahesh Haridevan

Kallumala, Kerala

Reality blends into my subconscious, blurring the states. There is a lot of noise — intrusive yet unusual enough that it demanded further analysis. I count upto five different sounds that have a disturbing way of repeating itself together. Tuning in further, each sound by itself is like a beautiful…

Story and Visuals by Aparna Kongot

On the Streets of Heidelberg and Walldorf, Germany

A white haired German driver directed me to the spot where I could board a bus. I walked there and saw a sign — 12 mins : Bus to Bismarckplatz. There was enough time to dig into my bag for the gloves and cap. By now I could barely feel…


(tĕr′ə-pĭn) noun [ 1 ] One who slow-travels the terra (earth) pinning each destination. [ 2 ] A turtle that lives in fresh or brackish water.

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