Update #1 — Evolution started​

🏗 Progress Report 🏗

Date: 8/20/2022

👋🏽 Hello

Here’s the latest from the TerraBank world

🖥 dApp Updates


1) The dApp was upgrade to the latest React/NextJS build version (React 18.2.0 / NextJS 12.2.5) which brought additional 🔒Security and 🏇🏿Lower Loading Speeds

2) Cosmetics and Security Updates performed

⌛️Work in Progress:

1) The Lottery Page/CA was adjusted to prepare for the launch with an initial 2K$ worth of USDT — currently testing the CA on BSC TESTNET and making sure that the GUI is responsive while buying ticket and withdrawing your winnings :)

2) The 🌉Bridge has been 🎉integrated🎉 with the current dApp and now I’m performing tests (Bridging from 1 chain to another). Additionally, we are in contact with our Partner in adjusting the functionality and avoid any security issue.

🛒Being discussed:

1) Partnerships with other tokens for a beneficial collaboration

2) Marketing is being planned, some call channels already fixed for pre / after launch. Youtubers will be lined up also.

3) Private sale application will be up around 1 more week. We will close it and announce the ones who can participate when we receive enough to go with this launch.

Essential Links:

🐕TerraBank Website: https://www.terrabank.io/

🐕TerraBank Twitter: https://twitter.com/terrabankbsc

🐕TerraBank Telegram: https://t.me/terrabankglobal

🐕TerraBank Medium: https://medium.com/@terrabank



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