The fighting game is, of course, one of the most amazing series of games you can do for fun. Though the fight is violence and forceful in the act, But trust me it can be interesting when it is gaming in the act. There are many fighting games which are exciting in the world. These games are widely known by people across the world.

Fighter games are action games in form of competition among opponents who must reach an ending result, of a player or team of a player winning. Fighters, who fight in the game, have a close combat with opponents through the use of individual skills. Such as jumping, taunting, chaining attacks, counter attack, combos and several others. Although there are several fighting games, their uniqueness and fun differ. Note, fighting games involves a round of the match. The player who wins the most round wins the match. Few of these games will be highlighted and discuss as follows;


It is one of the best world fighting games. It is a fighter game released by SNK with several series of it. The first series was released on the 25th of August 1994. SNK releases 22 series of the king of fighters. That is series was released between 1994–2006, then till 2008–2016. King of Fighter is an action game that requires two characters attacking each other which their individual fighting skill. The Character in each series differs. These series enables players to create three members as a team out of many characters in the game. Thus, the story line changed from “the Orochi Saga” from the first series in the year 1994 to “Dream Match” in the king of fighters 1995. It emerges to “the Nest Chronicles” along with several new characters in the series.


Mortal kombat is a video game authorized by midway games in Chicago on the 8th of October 1992. It is an action game developed by three martial Artists who are ordered to kombat eradication in 1997. Mortal kombat is a fighting game with adventurous characteristics and a high level of bloody violence. However, there are several series of mortal kombat. Such as Mortal kombat II. Mortal kombat II is a competitive fighting game. The characters attack each other in one-on-one matches.

One of the features of mortal kombat fighting game is that it requires one opponent draining the other opponent health life within a limited time given. However, where both fighters have healthy life remaining when time runs out, the opponent with the highest health life, wins the rounds. Mortal kombat is the first fighting game that enables fighters to use Joystick for moves. Some other skills in this fighting game are Juggling, knocking an opponent into the air. It was earlier notable for the use of Palette swap in moves. The Characters in mortal kombat are identical; the difference is in their moves and speed. It has seven playable characters who opponents.

Unlike other fighting games, kombat has some crazy moves like magic moves. It is a fight evolving fatality. Thus, the fatality determines who wins the fight. An exception to it fatalities is shown in Mortal kombat Armageddon. Characters perform their own fatality by conducting series of moves common to all characters. Other moves are Brutality through combo and Animalities and a stage death trap. it has nothing less than 22 series. Among these series are mortal kombat II, III, ultimate mortal kombat III, mortal kombat trilogy and the rest.


It is one of the top best fighting games created by Sega studio and was released in October 1993. It is a fighting game that has about four rounds in the tournament. It may interest you to know that it enters the Guinness book of record with an amiable award as the 32.bit console game in 2006. It allows two combatants to fight each other and one must win the most round in thirty seconds or more. Opponents use skills such as Punch, Kick and guard in defeating and attacking.

However, there are more than one series of Virtua fighter game. Example of which is Virtua fighter II. It was released in November 1994 with an inclusive of two new fighters. In July 2006, series V was released with two more new fighters. Thence, considered as the grandfather of 3D fighting games for its techniques and graphics.


It was released by Tecom in the year 1996. Dead or alive is a fighting game known for its extra ordinary speed and countering system in the opponents attack to each other. For example offense hold and defense hold. These two types of hold are attack command. The latter is the holding back and holding forward command.

Characters in Dead or Alive fighting game fight each other. Such as a female Japanese fighter and a protagonist killed her Uncle for crippling her brother. Thus, she became a hunted fugitive for leaving the village in search of her brother the law of the Ninja society. Some other fighters are an American female wrestler who is an opponent to her father, and an old Chinese martial Artist and the rest of the fighters.


It is a classical and ultimate action fighting game with an incredible 3D death war game and 2D graphics. It was originally published as Terra fighter-Deadly war gods, on the 3rd of January 2017. It was later released as Terra fighter 2 by SMVD on the 5th of April 2017. It is a fighter game that offers the best combination of both real and unreal fighters. The aim is to fight for freedom and justice in the game. And enables the fighter to defeat’s the world best fighters of the different era, such as Dragon fighter, Army lady, Roman gladiator and the rest of them. There are multiple Zodiac killers who are fighters in the game. Each with special and unique moves and skills in attacking. Skills like, kick, punch, combos, powerful projectile, as well as individual weapons and armor. Thence, it has the combination of karate, Kung Fu, martial art, boxing, and wrestling. Terra fighter-deadly war gods are also action fighter game with an unbelievable magical power and 16 unlockable opponents to duel. It is a game that requires a fighter in other to win, not to actually use special skills but be the focus and cool it nerves to be the last survivor and become the immortal king of the tournament.


If you are still confused on which fighting game will interest you, trust me the listed fighting game will bring you the excitement you want. Although there are still many other games, the ones listed above can give you that excitement and fun for the moment. These games are available for you to download to give you a life time enjoyment.

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